How are the Ukraine and Russia Conflicts Changing the Cyberspace

so how is ukraine uh and russia the conflict sort of how is it changing cyberspace i think that’s what they are asking so see there are multiple dimensions to this you must have heard a lot of advisories coming out uh asking you know uh governments asking you to prepare for this flurry of cyber attacks that are going to come our way now usually what happens is if the hackers are not really living up to a certain advisory that is coming out that is something of concern because it means that they are waiting for certain triggers now it could be the trigger could be you know a a decision made by their higher ups or the forces that are controlling them or it could be a certain geopolitical event or a subgeopolitical event or something that they’re waiting for to launch these attacks at scales that were never seen so we would still advise all of you to stick to those advisories i just wanted to emphasize that again so how is it changing cyberspace again we have not seen anything incredibly new now at least at least as of now as things stand but then again things could change very suddenly because the full force of these attacks these cyber attacks has not been unleashed yet and that is what these cyber advisories keep reminding us of that you know we need to be prepared and uh and the intelligence that we are seeing those advisories are spot on it’s just a matter of timing as i said uh it could be any time i mean the trigger could begin you know as as early as today or today evening or tonight for that matter so we need to be absolutely sure uh that you know we are tracking these advisories and following them and you know ensuring that we are staying diligent and you know overall what has happened is cyberspace has been triggered already i can tell you that from what we’re seeing the attacks have certainly gone up but they’re not really gone up to the levels that we’ve seen or we had anticipated so as i said that is that’s not good news it’s good news for now but in the long run it’s not good news because these guys these folks are really waiting for uh you know these triggers to um really happen and then sort of uh things to change so you ukraine crisis definitely have a very significant it will be a defining event for this year i can tell you that or at least the first quarter of this year and probably the second quarter also of this calendar year um but again there will be other events which will take over as we mentioned in in the threat report we’ve identified some of those events i think for europe actually specifically

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