Types of Cyberattacks and Examples

some of the sample cyberattacks that we intercepted uh last year there’s a meeting on afghanistan crisis which targeted a government agency in apac region uh there was one incident of a sub geopolitical attack which basically is this again happened in southeast asia south asia sorry we had two countries which had some geopolitical tensions going on and they were playing a sporting event at that time and hackers actually used this particular sporting event to carry out a uh you know a sudden spike in uh sort of cyberattacks which is what you’re seeing up there uh for 90 900 uh is the number that you’re seeing over there which which is associated with this particular attack again what is the uh import here which which is that you they are no longer waiting for like actual conflict to happen they’re no longer even waiting for some you know geopolitical tensions to happen they’re taking sporting events they’re taking some festivals they’re taking vacations uh you know times when people are away usually during a vacation or like you know a thanksgiving thanksgiving weekend kind of a situation and sort of you know creating problems from there so it’s no longer about this big ticket sort of geopolitical stresses and tensions that are driving or motivating hackers no they’re even ready to attack when you know people are just lowering their guard or a weekend or during a sporting game for that matter again the reply phishing a bit that i spoke about earlier on uh the evaluation schedule thing that you see a screenshot that you see actually is as an example of a reply chain attack that we detected where a hacker tried to get in and sort of you know um send an out of office reply if i remember right and they wanted the person receiving it to actually click on that reach me if you need something urgent but actually so this is again something we’re seeing as a very common uh sort of a uh you know tactic that hackers are using uh trying to not do a very random exercise but do a very targeted sort of a uh you know exercise to get into our enterprise networks actually

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