The Rise of Cyberattacks on Supply Chain

again supply chain poisoning as you might be aware is essentially trying to get into the chain at certain point and infecting it so that you move uh downstream and even upstream if possible and keep the whole chain uh infected right so hackers are getting in at different points they have figured out everything including sectors like aviation where you assume that the levels of security and sort of scrutiny and diligence are high they are entering even these supply chains supply chains connected with aviation mobile phones space technologies again which have been compromised off late uh communication remote communication again you seen in eastern europe how a certain operator was affected by one of the supply chain poisoning effect you know instances actually critical projects could be compromised at will again in eastern europe basin when communication was needed communication infrastructure was needed it actually failed at that point in time uh core system and infrastructure can be rendered inoperable or inaccessible during times of prices to degrade the quality of response exactly what we’ve seen again in eastern europe you know in a certain country to be more specific that you know the entire access denial uh sort of operation was carried out in such a smooth way that despite the fact that multiple operators were involved the critical operator was handling a big chunk of these communications was sort of you know rendered sort of you know out of the picture and they were not able to sort of chip in though it took some time to put things back in operation laterally moving malware again they inject the malware which goes upstream downstream vertically horizontally etc etc essentially the target of course is to ensure that you know it is present across the supply chain and through the supply chains they can even hop over and infect parallel chains which may be running for similar uh sort of vendors or similar kind of relationships going all the way uh towards the end that uh you know it might end at a government or a critical manufacturing or you know uh or even a critical infrastructure component so let’s say right so a lot of times you’ve seen you know devices such as cctv cameras which have been procured in bulk uh you know from certain geographies they came in and they were pre-infected so to say or they had back doors and they had other challenges so to say so it is essential that these devices are sanitized they’re tested in sandbox environments to see if there is any cnc interactions that are opened up or you know at least they should be sanitized before they are added on to the network or any other way similar sort of steps hold true also for you know other operations or rather multi-staged operations connected with supply chains and because of this diversification of vendors that we’re seeing these days you know where supply chains run across geographies across vendors across you know time zones and what have you it is very difficult to actually standardize the security measures which has become a challenge that that is presented off of late so you can see drones pos devices remote field uh surveillance equipment these are the you know sort of malware ingress points for supply chains so these are you know way upstream and you know they sort of get infected and then the malware or the infection moves across the chain

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