The Future of IoT, IT and OT Security & Current Trends in Cybersecurity

Audio Transcript

Now when we talk about what is in it for 2021 and beyond we see that a majority expensive mentioned here majority of the critical of L business leaders are now this structure of an appeal that is still under progress, but I need to see some of the key indicators based on where exactly the European space on the top question that is being asked what are the top 3 best areas that you see in your in your top there is is building the operational stability of the company’s executive l responded that one of the areas where to put

2021 dancing are you are operational security journey also friends would be seeing this that majority of the organisation which In The Assassination of variable by the hockey security the organisations which are now deploying reactive based mechanisms are slowly moving into the face 56 which is more or not as more on having dedicated solution for 75% of those organisations today in the market. Are they expanding their risk management approach, expanding their OT and IoT cybersecurity real-time detection and medications printing plate fixation actually reduce their who were introduced the time that can actually have their analysts focus on their daily business problems rather than it security incidents of mitigating the security.

Operational Technology Ooty market security market is going to grow at home in explanation greatest 33.7 535 $50 in 25 minutes. The organisations are heavily investing in Tera catered, OT and IoT security solutions and not rely on their existing security defence mechanisms that their threat intelligence security is something that is a new area of these are the ones which are driving the internet works over to see there is an adversary exploiting an existing vulnerability. What is the time?

What are the mitigation and cloud function that I have in place of view of this and making an informed decisions when building your security strategy for your IT infrastructure for use against polio disease Network and then creating and integration methodology. Well, you can still use existing security incident management system source system to basically orchestrate that how that resonates with your existing security operation centre and not trivial solution. I can rely on a true intelligence that is actually helping me to address them. If you are going to take them or where I don’t have a to remediate them is one of the key things that we are going to sew a thing. Today current time Namak we will see about motor is coming along are there will be more such regulations more such standards like you right side of it has a cybersecurity v1.1 that clearly outlined what are the different controls that our industry leaders meet to adhere to 42 card networks and take it anymore. So that’s something that we all need to be aware of shareholders have a nice view on your internal structure with this would help reduce the town X reduce the is a very interesting to observe in the sea wind or not.

There is still constitutionality connecting. The availability is the biggest it is we cannot afford an types we cannot for production for 12 to have a brand reputation so that I think I think this is a clear trend that we should keep your eyes open and what we need to do in the cybersecurity space today and popped open.

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