Takeaways from the Global Threat Landscape Assessment Report 2022

so what are the key takeaways from the 2022 edition of the threat landscape report right again cyber security needs to be taken more seriously no prices for guessing that one i think this is something we have been everyone has been speaking about it’s a lot of this um you’ve seen how innovative hackers have become in the last one year alone so imagine what’s going to happen in 2022 when those two sectors that i mentioned uh uh start getting targeted what kind of techno methods or your tactics or strategies would uh these hackers deploy to actually target those two sectors that need to be seen and the aviation being source of a critical uh a a you know vertical you know this is something we are watching up close to see that you know nothing happens there again mining there could be a lot of ecological impacts that could be triggered due to a cyber attack not to mention loss of lives that could happen if you know things go wrong ransom payouts could lead to job losses tall growth and muted investor enthusiasm no prices for guessing that one as well because at the end of the day this money that’s been paid as ransom is not coming out from uh you know outside the company or somebody else is not paying for it it’s coming from the company’s own coffers so you know it becomes very difficult uh it has to be taken from some other activity uh and you know put into this particular uh sort of use apds are only one half of the problem inside the threats are going dead drops as i just mentioned you must have seen what’s going wrong there uh as well uh and if you don’t know what’s going on in your infrastructure somebody else will right so we need to see what exactly is happening uh where exactly are the vulnerabilities what’s the patch status which devices are connected whether any rogue devices are there basic hygiene right this itself will prevent a lot of these cyber attacks again um sorry tools and thread intelligence are available but what is lacking is bill again or in certain instances time or you know other priorities that might come into the picture or you have a fatigued soft team that’s not able to absorb these best practices and uh you know amp up the game so the same cyber diligence and discipline are as important as having a skilled workforce again we all understand how tough it is to uh really get skilled uh you know workforce in the cyber security sort of domain but then again discipline and diligence are important let’s not lose focus on that as well because discipline is what will really ensure uh that you know these attacks are not just prevented but they’re deterred as well uh bad actors are evolving cyber defense strategies are not yes that is something we again keep on saying all the time a lot of these takeaways would seem like you’ve heard them before or you know you have sort of you know or you might be implementing some of these as well but i wanted to bring a con sort of a context for these takeaways today so that you understand that you know how the threat environment around you is evolving way faster than any one of us can adapt right uh 18 million attacks that’s what we monitor 18 to 25 million in on some days but each one of these attacks right brings the hackers closer to the next level of evolution that’s something we need to uh really understand and we need to ask ourselves are our strategies are our tactics are our attempts to sort of you know you know control these cyber attacks and get back at these hackers are they are we taking similar steps or are we at least trying to take those kind of steps the answer in many instances maybe no again because of lot of other priorities but then again knowing what you’re seeing today in this presentation and if you read the report you’d see much more data there in terms of what really is going on be it reply phishing be dead drops or be the kind of you know effort they’re putting into monetizing these cyber attacks quickly and moving on like you know hackers have got everything figured out but unfortunately we are still uh stuck at the detection phase or still trying to figure out whether it’s a compliance related issue or something else and all that lucky a lot of us are definitely trying our best to move up and do a lot more uh but then again a lot more needs to be done and to ensure that the diligence and discipline is brought in and you know we take this up as a challenge that the hackers have thrown at us that you know we will be evolving much faster than they are

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