Sophistication in Cyberattacks Across Industries

Audio Transcript

Cyberattacks across industries have significantly increased in their sophistication and I think we will also look at, some of the sophistication why is this even coming into place, what are the sophistication that we’re seeing in the cyberattacks across multiple industries. If you look at the left side of when viewing the screen there are key challenges underlying challenges that are actually drawing attention to build specific security.

you know portfolio focused around your operational technology one it’s complex in legacy operational technology infrastructure (OT infrastructure) so as I mentioned earlier how well do we know what is connected on our because of the cloudification we have seen because of the break in the Purdue model with all different types of IoT and IIoT, devices that are coming now.

The air gap network which was completely isolated that line is thinning and that’s where we’re seeing that now there are more and more devices which are connecting back to the enterprise connecting back to a central system and that that is something that is that was expected, because of the pandemic we’ve also seen there is a lot of remote working employees and plant managers are trying to remotely operate and keep their floors, floor shops up and running so those are some of the key questions that we all collectively need to answer.

To say do I know what or you know do I know what exists, in my critical infrastructure facility especially when there is not, you know regular activities such as my i.t that are there do we adhere to all the compliance requirements that are being driven out or that has been mandated in the previous slides how well do we fit, do we check off all the lists and requirements that are there or do we need specific controls which are very, you know customized to my network and our infrastructure that needs to be adhered to also when we talk about the risks in the industrial machines itself as you see within the overall CIA triage availability is one of the critical components while integrity and confidentiality are equally critical these industrial machines run 24/7 and 365days.

Any downtime will directly be a revenue, impact on the company on the organization and that will directly hit the RoI of the business so that’s where we’re seeing that making sure that the systems are up and running and no cyberattacks can, you know can cause this downtime in my industrial environment is some of the key challenges that majority of them across the globe are trying to answer, and also how well these systems are working, work with each other I’ve had the system for 20 years now I need to use a new technology that is coming in make them work together in such a heterogeneous ecosystem that we build.

Even though I have my i.t specific security controls that are available is it sufficient to address what we need to maintain as part of the security controls in my not so those are some of the key challenges and consequences that we are seeing, also when we look at the overall security approach we’ve seen that majority of them have lifted and shifted their i.t security controls inside the roti environment which is great to start and you know to run with but it’s not a long term or a complete fool proof method.

So this is where we’re seeing that is their asset management what kind of asset management frameworks that we’re using specific to our roti based on what we are seeing, across the assets that are present within our infrastructure, also what does the response plan look like, and I have maybe some third party system so vendor equipment that has been there on my ot floor, if there is an event or a breach what is the response plan that we need to have what are the playbooks that we have in place do we have enough playbooks that can address this kind of incident response systems or do we have an approach where we can identify are there any unmonitored systems in my network are there any misconfigurations that maybe I am not aware of because usually, this is a more reactive process and only when there is an event.

in place that’s when we get to know that this was due to a misconfiguration that happened so what is the proactive measure that we need to take and also, causing, you know overall in terms of these attacks, we’re also seeing that it directly relates to the cyber physical systems right so it’s not about a computer or a server that is getting infected where there is, you know there is significant damage but here the damage is a direct cost to lives, where people are working, and, I think there was a recent article which was, you know not a very happy one but the first death reported in us because of ransomware that was targeted, to the hospital, so these are the kind of consequences that we see without, you know without having, sophisticated controls on the cybersecurity across industries all right.

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