Rising Cyberattacks on Key Sectors and Trends

so what really is happening out there or rather what happened in 2021 which effects or impacts all of us supply chain attacks doubled no surprises there high value breaches which are reported so there were some breaches which didn’t come to a public attention because the companies involved didn’t disclose the master but the ones that were disclosed went up by 81 percent huge number there again under reporting of cyber attacks again linked to that point earlier in us we have got a uh you know a law that is coming now which deals specifically with that and i’m sure a lot of other countries will go down that path sooner or later uh the center of gravity for sophisticated attacks is still in a north america but things are changing what do we mean by that so a lot of the attacks that we’re seeing uh at this point is are congregating in north america specifically u.s actually but then we are also seeing some shift of patterns so some shift in cyber attacks happening towards apac and parts of europe as well and we are sure that you know this will happen over a gradual period of time where the attacks on europe and apac will pick up and may even balance out with what we’re seeing in u.s at this point u.s again is the most targeted country for various reasons uh no surprises there again growth in dead drops so what exactly are dead drops i have a slide on that i’ll talk about that it’s a very interesting and important point this is something that we here in uh secreto have seen up in i know at close quarters and there are some data points we’d like to share on that but keep that point in mind for now hackers have started tracking and targeting startups especially the ones who have got multiple rounds of funding here a plus and they’ve also started uh sort of you know targeting those startups which are at a critical stage either they’re coming out and going public uh bringing out their you know initial public offerings or they’re listing themselves on various stock exchanges globally they’re getting targeted we’re seeing this extensively in apac and in a few instances in u.s as well where they uh the hackers threaten to release a specific data set which is connected to a day to a startup which is going um you know public uh and then again bad actors are still trying to play below the cyber kinetic thresholds yes but this threshold is going to be crossed sometime in the next couple of years for the simple reason that you know they’re there they’ve done everything that they could below the cyber kinetic levels that this level is expected to be you know crossed sometime very soon if it hasn’t already been and you know we haven’t heard about it actually some of the sectors which are attracting a huge volume of cyber attacks again healthcare right up there no surprises manufacturing critical infrastructure in all manner of ports and you know other infrastructure connected with citizen services banking and finance and everything else

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