OT & IIoT Security Roadmap With an Example

Audio Transcript

so uh in the next few slides what i’llbe doing is i’ll be taking you through aproven approach to secure ot and iot infrastructure from uh cyber attacks by developing a program which is afoolproof and when executed step by stepcan make sure that you prevent large attacks or prevent advanced persistent threats from happenings ot’s a topumlet’s look at it from bottom to up andum the first thing that we have to lookat is uhcreating a complete ot and an iottransparency program and by this what imean is that we need to create aregistry of all the assets which areconnected to the network and the risksthat exist on these assets andthese three things which work together that is ot and iot transparency program security assessment and risk assessment this becomes the first step to anyotnand iot security program and with thatwe can runred team assessments for protocol analysis asset analysis traffic analysiswhether it’s only ingress trafficallowed oregress traffic alert so all of thatcan be run andwe can also recognize rogue devices which are existing on thenetwork by running this transparencyprogram and the risk and gap assessmentcan be donein line with therecommendations from iso 31000 or iso 2127001 or ic6443 and many otherindustry standardsand together with this we can run thenetwork architecture review and thedevice and a configuration review whichhelps in understanding how the networkis set up and how the devices areconfigured how the protocols are usedand are we using encrypted methods tosend informationuh betweenzones and also from ot to it or from otto iot andafter we have done the first three stepsthen the next thing isrunning a complete vulnerability assessment program and thishelps in understanding uh what could bethe mitigation actions which have to beimplemented so that the vulnerabilities on those critical assetsare not exploited and then penetrationtesting on relay nodes application control usb restrictionin parallel with role-based accesscontrol or zoning the network and building secure conduit itselfafter we have all this ready and we have capabilities built into the organizationto handle ot and iot security is whenit’s the right time to introduce intrusion detection systems or advancedintrusion detection systems to detect threats and anomalies and also help with threat remediation uh programsin case there are any uh threats which occur and also ot sock uh building an ot and aniot sock which helps inuh monitoring or providing an eyes on glass for any threat alerts that occur and then uh would be the firewall jx anywsus that is windows system upgrade server setup or ccm server setup andmanaging theseupdates or patches and also creating a complete backup and restore strategy so that in case there is a ransomware attack we already have the critical data backed up and we can bring back the production or the shop floor or an iot environment tobring back bring it back to production within our lesson less than no time

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