Cyberattacks Statistics 2021 – Most attacked cities & Sources of Malware

some other stats that i’d like to place out there uh days taken to monetize a cyber cyber attack you can see it varies in different industries due to various reasons like in manufacturing for instance the negotiations continue for a prolonged period of time and some instances going up to two months they go back and forth you know they there are you know organized teams of negotiators who are deployed from the hackers side and somebody will be negotiating from the side of these enterprises as well so you know that this varies because of various reasons it’s not just because of a single reason there that’s what i wanted to say again number of reconnaissance days again it’s varying what is the number of reconnaissance days it essentially means how many days does it take for a cyber security team or a soft team to actually locate or rather detect a malware or its presence and and this malware usually doesn’t do anything it is just there to sort of stay latent stay below the threshold of detection and sort of you know monitor the network and the network activity the security layers and everything else so that is reconnaissance session essentially the number of days keeps varying again but it has kind of gone you know it had come down and goes up basically depending on the sophistication of the malware that is out there if you have a very sophisticated reconnaissance malware you don’t uh sort of you know see these many number of days it takes a much longer time for us to actually detect them the city is getting targeted again no surprises there um you know cities which have a lot of concentration of government organizations are essentially the ones that get targeted for various reasons including espionage and what have you um possible sources of malware that we have detected dark web malware forums mixed again we were not able to really specify as i said it has passed through different hands it has passed through different laboratories it has been modified so we’re not able to really pinpoint and say where exactly it was created so to say military grade again a very uh heavily sophisticated malware which must have come from some defense labs or some other you know institutional entity which is connected with some very sophisticated cyber research uh from there there as well some always have been leaked they were purposefully dumbed or they were purposefully handed over by certain countries with you know certain adversarial intentions so to say research labs again inside in unsecured facilities they they have been targeted and these malwares have been exfiltrated and used for uh targeting other entities as well again cleaning the entire digital footprint starting out refresh so that the blame goes on these facilities from where they’ve been leaked and you know this hackers go scot-free at the same time again unknown it’s a big chunk because we’re not able to still figure out where exactly uh these have come from

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