Key Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Clusters Under Observation

so some of the key state-sponsored groups we are at this point are tracking uh continuing from last year again these are groups which are working together they are collaborating together their approximate geographical geographical location is what you’re seeing at this point and you can see a lot of these are located in remote areas and they’re working out of facilities where you know which which are in towns where the population is very less they’re not very well connected et cetera et cetera now this could be some kind of obfuscation or they want to just hide or rather bring in another layer to sort of hide these actors who are involved in this particular activity so to say but lot of them at least three in each of these particular regions and these are the ones who are creating the maximum mayhem at this point and these have been connected for instance the one that you see the tangent one which which comes out of uh southeast asia has been involved with specific attacks on the financial services sector primarily in terms of targeting the central banks and banks which don’t have adequate uh you know security measures to protect inter inter-country or inter-geography transfer of funds actually so that’s a very specific operation they’re running from there to fund a certain government which is based in that region and bring a lot of foreign exchange to them

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