How to Secure Legacy Infrastructure Legacy Devices support the use of long known exploits

Audio Transcript

uh some of the typical problems in the next few slides what I’m going to do I’m going to take you through some of the typical problems that we see that csos or ot security experts are facing all the way from systems like SCADA or HMIs being run on outdated softwareslike windows 7 or windows xp and alsointernet explorer being used andunpatched applications being used onthese machines which can bea path for the attacker toenter and the antivirus running on itcan be outdated and the machine usingnetwork protocols which are outdated aswell so this can be exploited with atailorized attack right so if theattacker knows what are the applicationsor the devices that are present in anetwork environment byfollowing different methods like scansoreven trying brute force atoms andgetting into the network and the can he or she can use a combinationof these weaknesses to gain access tothe machines and the this can be treatedbyintroducing different parts to the otand iot security program which canprevent such attacks from happening andthe complexity of the attack is mediumto high but we’ve seen that attackersare using these methods to get into anetwork environment

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