How Sectrio Solutions & Services Helped Our Customers to Secure from Cyberattacks

Audio Transcript

so the four modules are vulnerability management module network segmentation module threat management module and the threat intelligence module and uhlike i said on the previous slide it can be each of these modules can be used torun separate exercises as well so we canrun audits to help with providing risk assessment and gap analysis and we can introduce the network segmentation module to build a complete network topology and help with any kind ofnetwork access control capabilities and also protecting against any attacks which use wireless connections as welland the threat management module uhcomes with 75 000 signatures which help with detection of known threats and for any advanced persistent threats we have a heuristic layer which we have built which stitches different network packets together and applies rules to detect any advanced persistent threats and we also baseline what is going on on the network we baseline the asset behavior the network behavior and any anomalies that we see on the networkis immediately reported as part of the threat management module as well and the good part is in the ot uh environment or the operational ltechnology environment the solution is completely agentless and uh no impact whatsoever to the network environment and we bring in the latest threat intelligence both local and global threat intelligence into the threatmanagement model which helps with faster detection and faster recovery as wellour threat management module is built inline with the miter attack enterprise and the miter attack ics framework andthis helps infaster remediation as well because atany given point a net security analyst or a manager knows what the attacker is doing on the network and what should be the corrective action to contain the attack and also recover from that attack as well

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