How does cybersecurity regulatory compliance help?

we’ve done that uh our way is asking do compliance regulations actually help if yes how can we get started very good question there okay uh i couldn’t again emphasize on this enough in fact we’ve got a entire section on our website where we are we are giving away free compliance kits which you can download and use instantly it contains um you know all the regulations that you need to know about we’ve got a handbook that we prepared and given that you can use okay now that that’s out of the way answering your question very specifically yes regulations do help because um you know we have seen in various sectors healthcare and otherwise where regulations actually brought in plenty of change so how do they uh help because they again when it becomes a compliance mandate there are other drivers it’s very easy to move budgets for instance you know it’s very easy to get a buy-in from the senior management and the board for some of the initiatives that you might be doing and it’s very easy to get things done uh you know once you have a mandate sort of lurking in the in the background how can you get started awareness again very important because that’s the point from where it all starts because at secret we are tracking over you know i think roughly 200 to 250 pieces of mandates at various levels uh connected not just with mandates but with frameworks such as iec 62443 and various nist uh sort of you know recommendations and standard prescriptions from uh inisa and other uh entities in singapore india other places are actually so the the best thing to do is uh look at the facility look at the geography where the facilities if you are a multi-country sort of entity look at you know a facility that’s in a specific country and see what kind of regulations are there in that particular country that you can start off with and then gradually work your way up and you know align yourself with other regulators that are out there you can voluntarily adapt a lot of these standards so to say again compliance mandates you have to comply you there is no two ways about it unless you know you’ve got some time or they’ve given some sort of a leeway for you to adjust or something but otherwise what we say is on one track initiate the compliance related uh sort of adherence measures and at the other in parallel running the standards of you know compliance as well so that you have both these tracks running in parallel and what it will result in is that it’s super sensitive hypersensitive uh cyber security uh uh you know hypersensitive organization when it comes to cyber security so you are able to adapt quickly even if there’s a new mandate that comes in from any government for that matter from any regulator for that matter you are still ready for it right so it’s it’s a journey i must say uh and but then again you have to get started somewhere awareness uh compliance with local geographical uh you know country level mandates or your regional level mandates whatever they may be and then work your way up you don’t have to be ever restricted by a geography when it comes to a mandate and if you want to really you know scale up things you can definitely look at multiple entry points for a compliance exercise but the very fact that you are having discussions in your organization that itself is a big one that’s a big thing

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