Global Honeypot Published Locations – OT & IoT Cyberattacks

So this is a background in terms of the infrastructure that we have established globally in terms of you know where we get our threat intelligence from so these are all the published locations that you’re seeing currently we also have unpublished locations which are primarily those places which we don’t want to expose for because we don’t want uh you know these adversarial entities to know from where we are monitoring them essentially but otherwise these are the locations where from where we have our threat intel virtual unreal which are established which are monitoring the threat environment as they evolve so just give you a background further we get attacked about 18 million times every single day on a good day we get as many as 20 25 mil attacks every single uh or 24 hours so to say or every single day first night so to say so across these facilities we have about 75 honey pots that are live at this point in time as we speak we turn on certain honey pots in case uh you know in addition to these in case we witness some extraordinary even that’s going on like for instance what’s happening in eastern europe at this point in time otherwise we stick to about 75 to 76 odd honey pots that are active at any point and they are the ones they prime that primarily provide us this data that we analyze for purpose of this particular report

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