Social Engineering in Cybersecurity – Evolution of Social Engineering Attacks

Again social engineering tags um again i’d like i wouldn’t like to emphasize too much because most of us are really aware of the gravity of the situation in terms of you know how much this is costing us as you know enterprises for operating and trying to function with adequate levels of security gain connected with the insider threat that has emerged on the surface in the last two three years the third point is what i’d like to uh sort of you know draw your attention to which basically is that reply phishing where what happens is it’s not a random fishing where you get a mail about a certain prince from a certain country or you know somebody who’s stuck in a conflict and wants to transfer money no this is about a hacker actually inserting himself or herself in it in a regular conversation by pretending to be uh you know the other entity and sort of you know replying to such an extent that they get one of the parties involved to actually perform a certain action which could i you know usually be clicking a a link that takes them to a uh you know infected site or something to that effect actually so that is something we’ll again be talking a bit about that again the cost of branded uh fishing packs so you can see certain names have been assigned there they are not at random our team has not assigned these names this this is exactly what these malware packs are actually called so you have the must have ddos kit ultimate password tracking pack with instructions demo and help it might seem like you know there is some randomness to all this but believe me this is how they are sold on these forums and on the dark web again and it’s very dangerous out there for the simple reason that it’s very easy to lay your hands on on any of these uh you know families of malware that are out there we’re done you know an awareness drive around this fact actually a lot of people picked up this particular data set and came back to us and said is it really that cheap we said it’s even cheaper you know we can show you in fact how cheap it is for that matter

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