Customer Success Stories OT & IoT Threat Monitoring for Oil & Gas Plant

Audio Transcript

so how are leading businesses uh meeting their cyber security requirements um in the ot and IoT space so I’ll take you through a few customer use cases right next is with one of the oil and gas companies where we have again implemented the threat management module they had a really good ide security program which used uh an siem solution and they were monitoring the uh the ideal environment uh what we did was we introduced uh the continuous monitoring their OT and their process CCTV and IoT environment as well and we integrated all the threat alerts into their existing siem and before we introduce the solutions we ran a complete risk assessment and a gap analysis and created an integrated environment where our security suite integrated with their backup and restore or with their patch management tool or privilege access management or the ad servers so we created a complete integrated module this only enhanced their capabilities of detection of threats and also had them in getting a better ROI on already existing security solutions as well so this with the combination of custom playbooks which help them with faster

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