Customer Success Stories Medical IoT Device Visibility, Risk Assessment & Monitoring

Audio Transcript

so how are leading businesses uh meeting their cyber security requirements um in the OT-IoT space so i’ll take you through a few customer use cases right uh firstly in themedical IoT space so what we’ve done is we have installed our solutions in the medical IoT or the healthcare segments in UAE and what it’s doing for the customer is helping them build an asset registry and risk registry and helping them build and this solution is deployed completely on-prem so even the privacy of the data is uh managed uh using the sector suite and we have both passive ways and up smart probing which allows to create a complete asset registry with attribute information captured and also identity context and risks and the solution itself is protocol independent irrespective of whether legacy protocols are being used or OEM-specific protocols are being used we have built adapters uh which have which has helped the customers covering all the assets from OT to IT-IoT ide as well and provided them complete registry of what are the assets connected and what are the risks existing on those assets

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