Customer Success Stories Maritime Security for Shipping Companies

Audio Transcript

so how are leading businesses uh meeting their cyber security requirements um in the OT-IoT space so I’ll take you through a few uh a customer use cases what we have also built-in is a solution stack which can be deployed in shipping vessels so this is which is the international maritime organization has recommended that there is a security there has to be an OT and IoT security solution which is part of the vessel and is monitoring any connections oversight Satcom or over uh nearshore uh 2g 3g 4gnetwork so we have built a very lightweight solution which also supports uphold and forward kind of technology which is helping these bezels in monitoring threats both when they are on sale and also when they are near shore as well and uh this lightweight solution has also helped in deploying the solutions solutions within a week’s time and meeting aggressive timelines because these vessels come on shore only for a week or 10 days and we have been able to deploy the solution do all necessary checks and allow them to sail back again with a cyber secured system

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