Crowdsourcing a Cyberattack

so some of the other things i wanted to highlight uh since i got attention from all of you wonderful people uh today there is other things that are happening in the background which will become big news in towards the end of 2022 uh like for instance crowdsourcing a cyberattack now there were several new tactics that the hackers tried reply fishing was one of them there’s another one where you know they got a group of their you know friends or fellow hackers so to say uh to actually sit and start scanning run these dummy scans on certain networks to generate a lot of false positives and sort of you know load the soft teams and to ensure that you know they are kept tied down or bogged down while they carry out other you know ads from from a distance or target other parts of the infrastructure this is again becoming a strategy and a tactic uh by these hackers uh the intention being very clear which is to essentially keep the soft teams tied down to ensure that you know they don’t really they’re not able to function at uh at their right efficiencies again we have done some research around this in terms of this whole soft fatigue thing that comes in and you know we were told that you know there’s it’s been tough for the last couple of years but the kind of work environment changes that have happened it has been very tough on the soft teams a lot of them have been really fatigued in more ways than we can imagine there were skill shortages again to the various people leaving their organizations and things like that so everything happened in a very short period of time but fortunately it didn’t translate it into anything big anything significant we we’re very lucky at that but then again our systems are coming back uh to normal the hackers are still keeping their attentions focused and we don’t know what really happened in this period from a reconnaissance perspective how many reconciles attacks have been carried out how much data has been collected by hackers because we’re seeing a lot of these dead dumps and you know data are being exchanged on on the dark web in terms of you know targeting certain organizations with certain specific data points that they’re discussing out there again we are not sure whether these are legitimate or otherwise but then again this targeting is not going to come down anytime soon critical infrastructure manufacturing aviation mining aviation and mining are two industries which need to really watch out this year mining especially especially in north america will be targeted very significantly this year that’s our prediction you can hold it against us towards the end of the year uh so we would be urging mining and aviation companies to really up their guard in the next coming months because there’s a lot of chatter that’s happening on various forums about targeting uh or you know firms in in these two verticals so to say again so we need to address our fatigue that’s a separate discussion altogether but at the end of the day that it’s the tactic that i want to draw your attention to primarily in terms of how they are you know keeping the soft teams tied down so you can see the level of innovation that’s going on from the hacker side they’re doing a lot of things that you know that is really tying our hands down and not really uh you know giving us adequate time to or time or in a bandwidth to give a quality response uh to them

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