About Sectrio OT, IoT, IT, and 5G Cybersecurity Solutions Provider

Audio Transcript

a quick introduction about sectrio sosecrio is a division within subex and wehave industries broadest range of i.tics cada or ot and iot securitycapabilities all the way from providingyoua complete asset visibility uh helpingyou with vulnerability managementvirtual network zoningthreat detection using both machinelearning and also signature baseddetection as well andwe have one of the world’s largestrepository of threat intelligencein the ot and iot space which allowsus to detectthe threats really early in the attackkill chain andpreventing the infection itself and wedon’t stop at detection but we help withremediation so we have built-inplaybooks uh into the um module or the sector suite which willhelp with the remediation as wellso we have um we have our headquartersin denver colorado usa and we haveoffices around the world in europemiddle east and asean and indiawe have dedicated solutions for iot icsand 5g cyber security andweour unique proposition that we bring inis the vastrange of threat intelligence we have 75000 signatures that were specificallywritten to detect ot and iot threatstoday we protect more than 10 milliondevices from cyber attacks and we havebeen awarded multiple awards for theinnovation in the space ofiot and ot cyber securitytogether with this solution suite wealso have complementing services so wedo help our partners and our customersin provide getting the value of theseservices around risk assessment gapanalysis a review of legacydevices usb restriction or mediarestrictionand in case of iotmanaging policies and procedures to meetthe changing requirements uh withrespect to different uh parts ofdifferent countries and all all of thisis packaged together into the solutionitself so we are one integrated cybersecurity solution provider who help youwithdiscovery of assets mitigation of risksdetection of threats and remediation ofthreat

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