NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework Manufacturing Profile in the OT Environment

Why Watch this webinar?

Watch how The “Manufacturing Profile” of the Cybersecurity Framework can serve as a roadmap for significantly reducing the cybersecurity risk for manufacturers. It is also aligned with the industry best practices and cyber risk management goals across manufacturers of all sizes.

It offers a voluntary, risk-based approach for managing cybersecurity activities and reducing cyber risk to manufacturing systems. The Manufacturing Profile is meant to enhance the current cybersecurity standards and industry guidelines that a manufacturer is embracing.

Adopting NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework Manufacturing Profile brings with it challenges in areas such as governance, cyber workflows, resilience planning, improving the efficiency of security operations and risk lifecycle planning. That is indeed a tough ask and requires some level of planning and assessment.

Watch our experts Prayukth and Preetham as they discuss ways to address the adoption and implementation challenges associated with NIST’s Cybersecurity Framework Manufacturing Profile in the OT Environment.

Takeaways will include:

  • Inputs on building an integrated risk management program
  • Tackling challenges and smoothening the adoption journey
  • Gap analysis: measuring the gap between current and target profile
  • Improving your institutional risk and governance profile for compliance
  • Resource planning: Gaining a business, risk, and resource view to manage the implementation roadmap


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Preetham A Naik

Director – IoT/OT Cybersecurity Solutions Sectrio

Prayukth KV

Chief Marketing Officer Sectrio

About Sectrio

Sectrio is a market and technology leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), Operational Technology (OT), and 5G Cybersecurity segments. We excel in securing the most critical assets, data, networks, supply chains, and device architectures across geographies and scale on a single platform. Sectrio today runs the largest IoT and OT focused threat intelligence gathering facility in the world. To learn more, visit our website here: Sectrio

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