Micro Segmentation & Zero Trust: Adopting a Holistic Approach to OT Security

Why join this webinar?

A winning security strategy requires a fine blend of both Zero trust approach and micro segmentation. Combining zero-trust security and micro segmentation helps address some of the biggest challenges that security practitioners across technologies are facing in today’s enterprise environments. Such a combination can help:

  • Deploy authentication and control access and interactions to the workload level
  • Prevent lateral movement or spillovers inside networks
  • Ensure workload security in diverse and dynamic environments

This hour-long webinar will cover:

  • Preparing your networks for combining Zero trust and micro segmentation
  • Addressing key challenges and avoiding pitfalls
  • How can you leverage the benefits gained from this combination for enhancing your institutional security posture
  • Best practices and standards
  • A live Q&A that will address your queries

Join our cybersecurity leaders Sharath Acharya and Prayukth K V on Wednesday, May 03rd, 2023 at 11 AM CST as they discuss and present innovative strategies to achieve the optimum blend of micro segmentation and Zero trust.

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Prayukth K V

Speaker & Published Author Cybersecurity

Sharath Acharya

Technical Presales Director and Evangelist Cybersecurity

About Sectrio

Sectrio is a market and technology leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), Operational Technology (OT), and 5G Cybersecurity segments. We excel in securing the most critical assets, data, networks, supply chains, and device architectures across geographies and scale on a single platform. Sectrio today runs the largest IoT and OT focused threat intelligence gathering facility in the world. To learn more, visit our website here: Sectrio

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