The Global Threat Landscape Report Q1 2021


The Q1 2021 threat landscape report analyzes the cyber threats that manifested in the year 2020 and how they impacted IoT and OT deployments and infrastructure globally. This annual OT and IoT threat landscape report covers:

  • Unique strategies and tactics adopted by hackers to defeat cyber defense mechanisms
  • How the Covid-19 pandemic changed cybersecurity
  • Motivations of hackers and where and how are they procuring malware
  • The role of Dark Web and other forums in cyber attacks
  • How hackers are targeting the vaccine manufacturing capabilities of various countries
  • Oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, maritime, critical infrastructure and financial services sectors

The report also presents chatter intercepted from various sources by Sectrio’s threat researchers that gives a rare peek into hacker interactions, collaborative strategies, and targets.

Sectrio’s annual OT and IoT threat landscape report is your most vital link to a sustainable cyber resilience posture. Download the latest edition now to learn more.

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