NIST CSF Self-Assessment Questionnaire with 2.0 updates

This document includes a questionnaire to assess the institutional preparedness for NIST Cybersecurity Framework (Framework or CSF) alignment along with updates as per version 2.0 of the NIST CSF.

What’s inside?

The NIST CSF organizes desirable cybersecurity outcomes into six Functions covered at a very high level. These include Govern, Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. These functions, when considered from an institutional cybersecurity standpoint offer a comprehensive view of managing cybersecurity risk. The questions listed for each Function in this comprehensive guide offer a template for assessing the state of readiness and compliance with NIST CSF including the latest update viz., 2.0.

This guide is an essential tool for conducting a NIST CSF audit

Why read?

  • Get to know the right questions to ask during an internal/external NIST CSF audit
  • Access your state of readiness for NIST CSF compliance
  • Gain a strategic view of your security preparedness across aspects such as system-level preparedness, qualitative risk exposure, employee awareness, incident response preparedness, etc.,
  • Understand the aspects falling under the purview of NIST CSF 2.0
  • Get a baseline view for conducting a NST CSF based audit
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