Competitive landscape report for OT, IoT, and IT cybersecurity platforms

Competitive landscape report for OT, IoT, and IT cybersecurity platforms

Are you exploring the right and suitable cybersecurity platform to secure your Connected OT-IoT -IT Environments?

Your search ends here.


Every connected device and network represents a potential risk to an enterprise. Cybersecurity leaders across industries are looking at deploying the right IoT and OT cybersecurity platform as exploits and malicious attacks are rising exponentially.

To overcome various cybersecurity challenges, businesses need to choose a reliable and capable solution provider who can deliver real-time visibility and protection across the converged infrastructure. Our research team has analyzed several IT, 5G, OT, IoT cybersecurity solutions, examined the strategic capabilities of each platform and the level of protection offered.

This report analyzes the competitive landscape in terms of exceptional network and asset visibility, threat detection and management, and insights for OT and IoT environments.

Highlights of this cybersecurity vendor analysis report :

  • Solution, Focus, coverage and Modules
  • Level of Automation and Control using Advanced detection techniques
  • Performance and Time to Detection
  • Multi-layered Protection
  • Ease of Deployment and Integration
  • Security and Compliance Standards
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Pricing Model and Value
  • Customer Support
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Ability to process data from multiple sources
  • Handling false positives and Threat Intelligence
  • Detection Capabilities

It is a must-read for all cybersecurity leaders and decision-makers.

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