CISO handbook for vulnerability management

CISO handbook for vulnerability management

What’s Inside?

The Vulnerability Management guide for CISOs contains strategies, approaches and methods to prepare and execute an enterprise-wise OT and IoT vulnerability management plan. It has all the inputs you need right from convincing the management to acting on the results of periodic vulnerability audits.

This book has been prepared in association with security professionals, IoT and OT security leaders, vulnerability management experts and borrows from Sectrio’s experience in managing vulnerabilities for a range of businesses.

This is a must read for all CISOs and security leaders.

This E-book is useful for:

  • Establishing and monitoring a vulnerability management plan from a scratch
  • Deriving starting points for various vulnerability management exercises and audits
  • Avoiding mistakes
  • Reducing the learning curve while focusing on the right challenges and solutions
  • Measuring the success of a vulnerability management program
  • Understanding the difference between various vulnerability management methods
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