The Ultimate Checklist for Switching Cybersecurity Vendors

The Ultimate Checklist for Switching Cybersecurity Vendors

Are you exploring the option of changing your cybersecurity vendor?

Not all the solutions available in the market will fit your OT, IT, and IoT needs.

Most cybersecurity solutions in the market today have one or more of these security challenges:

          • Alignment issue with your unique threat envelope. The solution may be throwing up more false positives than your SecOps team can handle
          • Clear and established detection lag: the vector was detected after it had traveled some distance within the network
          • It introduces latency and decision lag in the system
          • Limitations to keep up and scale with your infrastructure expansion or the deterioration in your threat environment
          • Doesn’t have the right threat intelligence

If you identify any of these challenges, then you should seriously consider choosing a new cybersecurity vendor.

We have put together a checklist to help you transition to a new vendor. The document has been prepared with industry expert inputs and extensive field research.

Download this step-by-step guide to explore how you can easily move from your old vendor and onboard a new cybersecurity vendor.

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