NIS2 compliance strategy for OT/ICS and IoT infrastructure  

What’s Inside this Compliance Kit?

The recently published version 2 of the NIS directives by the EU sets precedence in strengthening the baseline cybersecurity measures across essential and important entities by 17 October 2024. Download this compliance kit and identify how Sectrio will be able to help you comply with NIS2 directives.

This kit will help you:


  • How to prepare for the NIS2 directive: pathways and considerations
  • Explore the in-scope entities that need to comply with NIS2 directives
  • Identify the requirements to comply with Articles 20, 21, and 23 of NIS2 directives.
  • Strategies, services, and tools to adopt for strengthening your cybersecurity measures
  • Understand penalties for noncompliance for essential and important entities.

Get your hands on this document and get started on your journey to cyber resilience.

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