IoT and OT security threat assessment template

What’s Inside the IoT and OT Security threat assessment template?

This OT and IoT threat assessment template has been put together to help businesses derive a preliminary framework for conducting an IoT and OT security threat assessment across facilities, assets, and locations. Such an assessment will help you discover critical security gaps, insider threats, open vulnerabilities and document them. This is an essential step toward securing your infrastructure and enhancing your security posture.

This template will help you:


  • Identify, inventorise, and map all assets connected to the network
  • Conduct a comprehensive threat assessment exercise; comply with audit requirements and regional and international security mandates
  • Discover potential risks and identify misconfigurations that may contribute to the overall risk
  • Analyze risks based on vulnerabilities and associated threats
  • Document results and recommend corrective actions to improve your IoT and OT security posture.

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