IoT and OT Ransomware Preparedness Playbook

What’s Inside?

Ransomware attacks on businesses and governing bodies have grown exponentially year on year. This playbook will help you leverage and strategize mitigations and remediation, tactics an organization can take before, during, and after a ransomware attack. It will also help businesses to be fully prepared before an incident and anticipate attack vectors that can be a gateway for payload infiltration and execution.

This playbook covers action items one can take along the entire lifecycle of a ransomware attack.

Download now and stay secure.


This Ransomware Playbook will help you:


  • Anticipate attack vectors early on
  • Quickly detect a ransomware attack and set up custom IoCs
  • Analyze your current setup against global best practices
  • Define clear roles and responsibilities during an attack
  • Provides guidance on incident reporting to authorities
  • Build a comprehensive plan of action for ransomware containment and mitigation
  • Take Steps for Recovery
  • Conduct post-incident forensics


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