Developing Manufacturing Cybersecurity Framework under NIST CSF

How can you leverae this industry-focused NIST CSF framework profile?

While this NIST CSF is a broad framework that encompasses a huge spectrum of security measures, guidelines and best practices, this document prepared by Sectrio offers the readers a specific approach and a cybersecurity framework profile for the Manufacturing Industry. In the manufacturing sector, cybersecurity not just for IT but other technologies such as IIoT and OT becomes a primary focus, this document will help the readers establish a functional and an improved security framework/strategy for professionals within the manufacturing segment.


Benifits of using the industry-focused Cybersecurity Framework Profiles for Manufacturing


  • Compliance reporting becomes a byproduct of running the organization’s security operation
  • Adding new security requirements is more straightforward
  • Adding or changing operational methodology is less intrusive to ongoing operations
  • Minimizes future work by individual organizations
  • Decreases the chance that organizations accidentally omit a requirement
  • Facilitates understanding of each operational environment to allow for consistent analysis of cybersecurity-risk
  • Aligns industry and regulator cybersecurity priorities
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