IoT and OT Cybersecurity Awareness Month Toolkit

What’s Inside?

The #CAM2022 toolkit is a proven strategy that has helped several organizations improve their cybersecurity posture within 18 working days. This strategy addresses your complete cybersecurity posture beginning with a self-assessment of your current security posture to strengthening one’s cybersecurity policies at an organizational level. This special edition cybersecurity awareness month toolkit by Sectrio is a must-have for all cybersecurity professionals across the planet.

Download now and stay secure.


This toolkit will help you:


  • Elevate your cybersecurity posture in 18 days
  • Uncover areas of improvement in your current cybersecurity posture
  • Provides guidance on the implementation and execution of strategies based on real-world examples and test scenarios
  • Set up/elevate your threat-hunting program
  • Learn best practices from across global industry leaders
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