Sectrio Risk and Gap Analysis with solution deployment case study for a large airport


Why should you read this?

Security gaps in airports are creating new challenges for security teams. With a diverse landscape of infrastructure components including those related to air traffic control, radio communication, radars, apron control, baggage management, and many more, it takes a lot to secure airports. Individually and together, these components could open up threat surfaces that remain unsecured leaving the doors wide open to a crippling cyberattack.  So how can airports approach cybersecurity?   

The project 

A large airport reached out to Sectrio for securing their IoT Sensors, OT systems, and complex operations. The Airport wanted to onboard a solution that can not only meet its requirements but also address emerging security requirements ground-up. Sectrio was chosen as the security solutions and services partner by the airport for this turnkey project. 

The airport cybersecurity project started with a VAPT and RAGA exercise and scaled into solution deployment.  

How Sectrio addressed the security challenge at the leading airport:

  1. Start with RAGA and VAPT to develop a deep understanding of the airport’s existing security profile, gaps, threat surfaces and the consequent risk exposure
  2. Build a cybersecurity roadmap to address the challenges that have been outlined and plan for solution deployment 
  3. Swift deployment and implementation of the Sectrio suite
  4. Compliance checks 
  5. Value and RoI demonstration to the Airports’ management team
  6. Cybersecurity posture and resilience check 

Download and read the case study to learn more! Or reach out to us for a walk-through

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