OT/ICS Security assessment & penetration testing for a large fuel additives company in the Middle East

Why you should read this?

The fuel additives company in the Middle East is dedicated to the implementation of state-of-the-art digital transformation technologies to optimize the utilization of the region’s abundant hydrocarbon resources. Their focus is on improving operational efficiency while promoting sustainable growth in the energy sector. With the evolving cyber threat landscape, the company initiated a project to analyze its current IoT and OT cybersecurity posture.

Sectrio’s proven capabilities & rich expertise in the field of IoT & OT/ICS Cybersecurity helped kick off this project as a trusted and reliable partner for IoT and OT/ICS Security requirements in the region.

Download this case study to read more about this unique project and how the fuel additives giant is now able to operate with complete visibility into their plants spread across geographies and have a clear roadmap for achieving cyber resilience for evolving threats in the future.

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