Measuring Success of SecOps Teams – What KPIs Can Be Really Tracked

Audio Transcript

some of the KPIs that can be tracked authentication errors policy violations needed to resolve errors cost per incident the fourth one is very important when it comes to reporting executive reporting to the board and beyond in terms of you know contextualizing it in terms of the revenue impact and other factors basically this is a metric that really stands out uh and can also have an impact on future budgets uh skilling uh aspirations and things like that so that’s something that uh you know streams can track at their end there are malware events fishing event vulnerability management third party risk panel most of these are self explanatory so i won’t delve into it but again what jumps out at us from all of this is very clearly that it’s a huge set of KPIs but we need to really be choosy about what exactly is it thatwe need to try but once you selected the KPIs we need to ensure that you know we track them with diligence and that no point is um you know we take our attention away from the tracking that we need to do

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