Top 7 Specific and Important KPIs To Help Measure Cybersecurity Team’s Effectiveness

Audio Transcript

so some of the specific and important kpis now this is a slide that i’d liketo draw your attention specifically tobecause these are ones that we have uhsort of you know uhwe have understood or rather we from thediscussions that we have had withindustry leaders and our customers andeverybody else that we are working withto really figure out what really is itthat the sec ops teams need to focustheir attention on so these are the onesthat you shortlisted again depending onyourbusiness priorities and checkouts priorpriorities you can uh go ahead and youknow look even well beyond these theseare just some of the important ones thatwe have felt in in our discussions thatwe had but you can definitely look at alargerset of kpis that that could beattained into time to mitigate time torecover incident time todetect but then againanother thing that i’d like to highlighthere is the fact that kpis should bedeployed not just to track but theyshould also be deployed to ensure thatthe evolution ofstreams is enabled through those bytracking those kpis right if that is nothappening then you knowyou will not have any improvement inyour security posture and with newerthreads coming in your malware loadersbeing seen in the wild uh it will justbe a matter of time before you areattacked and you know there will be acost implication that comes in so thatevolution part is very important andthese kpis sooner or later sooner ratherthan later let merephrase that sooner than later theyshould definitely feed into an evolutionprogram where you’re constantlyimprovingyourself

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