Top 5 Key Stages in Security Solution Framework

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so the five stage security solutionframework that we help build in uh toany ot or an iot network environment isuhit revolves around visibility and threatmanagement firstly we help ourwe have ceso organizations our securityorganizations inpredictingwhat could happen to a networkenvironmentso we help with ot and iot networkcreating an od and iot network baselinecreating a complete inventory and alsoprovide risk scoring using thevulnerability management modulethen we help with prevention of attacksusing risk mitigationstrategies with our network accesscontrol our micro segmentation moduleand the decoy and deception sothis is a unique proposition that webring in which none of our competitorsare doing wherein we combinebringing ineffective decoysinto the iot or the ot environment whichhelps withluring the attackers tothe decoys instead of the actualmachines themselvesthen comes the detection where wehave a complete incident management uhsystem which helps with behavioralmonitoring any anomaly detection anddetection of known threats using thethreat intelligence and we havecompliance packsthese compliance packs helps withmeeting anyglobal or local mandates and alsofine-tuning your cyber security programto meet uh different compliancerecommendation standards andrecommendations as wellthe most important thing is the responseso we help buildincidence response playbooksin line withmitre attackframework and also we have built-inworkflow into the secreto suite or intothe secure solution which helps withadaptive response as well so uh thereason why we built this into thesolution is we’re seeing that attackersare also using adaptive malwares and topreventtheattackers tocreate any kind of huge impact we haveadaptive responses which are built in tothe solution as well

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