Steps involved in Securing OT & IoT Network of Critical Infrastructure

Audio Transcript

so this is what uh we have helped different organizations come up and the reduce points are where you are high when it comes to uh uh these being part of the program and the amber or the yellow is where uh with medium um severity so the asset transparency program the risk and GAP assessment and also the risk rating of creating a risk registry can be done using sectors vulnerability management modules so we have built a vulnerability management module in-house which can help help you achieve these three objectives as part of the program and then we have packaged consulting services which will help in treatment of ot or legacy devices on IoT network segmentation building processes or creating an organization training them helping with building policies or procedures and we have built a threat detection module using um signature based heuristic-based and anomaly-based detection which helps in monitoring detection and responding to the threats itself and artificial intelligence helps with continuous security improvements and also enhancements into these programs which we’re building with our customers

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