Overview of NIST Cybersecurity Implementation Tiers

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some of the tiers involved with uh nistum but it’s see these again yourorganization could be anywhere for thatmatter in these and these are not uh youknow cast in stone so to say like forinstancesome of these brown boundaries are veryvery thin and you know you could haveorganizations going in and out of it butwhat really has to be kept in mind hereis you cannot afford to go a step lowerthan where you are at this point rightand it could happen with increasingnumber of employees with increa you knowincreasing uh surface area or the kindof different environments that that areconnected with your immediateoperational sort of infrastructure thesethings could very easily happen becauseonce people think that we’ve crossed acertain theater there’s no way thatwe’ll take a step back but we have seenthese things happening it’s importantthatwe you know we keep this in mind when weare planning our uh in a journey interms of going upthe ladder so to say again uh inthe interest of time i wouldn’t tellmuch on it it’s in limitation journeybasically that that has been outlinedthere what i would recommend here forall of you who have joined uh is thatyou know you can go to the compliancekit section on our website we have givenuh kids compliance kits for each ofthese uh mandates that you see their icsix two four four three then csf andeverything else so we have giventemplates we given themgiven approaches given some uh you knowinputs that you can use to actuallybuild programs around each of thesemandates so that you know it makes thetask much more easier for you we evenhave an audi security governancemodel approach that we have hosted thereall of it is free feel free to download

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