How to Develop A Comprehensive & Successful Cybersecurity Program

Audio Transcript

quickly cyber security program some ofthe key steps there again you can startfrom various points but at the end ithas to end up with a very improved cybersecurity posture and no do ways about ityou can have multiple steps convergingthere but at the end of the day ifyou’re not a cyber security sensitiveorganization at every level then chancesare that you know none of these programswill really take off because you knowthe organization has to own it at anemployee level and i’m not talking justaboutthe secops teams there but every singleemployee is a stakeholder in cybersecurity and we need to really view itthat way and instill that level ofsensitivity to begin with only then canmodels like these succeed only then canprograms like these succeed and onlythen can we look at uh you know having atrulyresilient organization built up from acyber security standpoint and which issomething that will no longer actuallyit’s no longer a matter of choice wedefinitely have to have cyber resilientorganizations which are resilient atmultiple levels but they begin with asensitive employee who knows whatexactly is itor what are the risks and what exactlycould happen if a certain step or ashortcut is taken for instanceand you know a a cyber security practiceis breached or rather is not followedfor that matter but then again awarenessyou can see it there a risk managementframework again one of the importantsteps incident response capability i’vealways already spoken about it can’treally you knowspeak more because it’s it’s reallyimportant that we you know handle thefirst response in a verydelicate and intelligent wayrecovery and restoration capability youhave to always understand that you knowevery single breach may not be detectedyou know there might be chances thatsomething might still slip through stillhave you should be ready to handle uhsomething like that which happensexternal communication protocol you haveto really understand all have to beinformed what’s the chain of eventsagain if you go back to the table top uhrequirement that i spoke about uh thiswill be taken care of there right youneed to practice the entire nine yardsmake sure that every single step isis followed and you know the employeesand everyone involved in that particulartabletop exercise takes it veryseriously as well

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