Can Cybersecurity or SecOps Teams KPIs Be Prioritised

Audio Transcript

can the kpis be prioritized okay thisone i’ll take this oneas i saiddefinitelyno two ways about it they have to beprioritized but then againit depends as i said where you are on inyour journey if you are very evolved asfar as yourcyber security practices are concernedthen you will have a much moreuh sort of you know model drivenapproach towards this wholeprioritization otherwise your methodswill be stillyou know in the evolutionary phase so itis important to prioritize for thesimple reason thatuh all the kpis can definitely not begivenequal weightage right like actionablekpis which have an immediate impact likecost per event for instance willdefinitely deservemuch more attention thansomething which is slightly lower downyou know ladder so it is a priorityladderbut what is again important is that inthis prioritization we should not usethis exercise to ignore certain kpisthat is not something we would recommendum everything that you have finallyidentified as a kpi deserves to betreated as a kpi and drag disk api withdiscipline but yeah you might want totrack certain kpis with much moreattention so to say but then you shouldnot be ignoring anything i think thatthat is an approach that we wouldrecommend to begin with and as youevolve in this journey you willdefinitely figure out a way to sort ofyou know put a model in placeto ensure that all the stakeholdersare aligned with this prioritization andthat you don’t drop any kpis as you movealong unless it is something that youknow you have decided that has zeroimpacton your organization but is creating adrag on your psychopaths team then maybeyou mighttake a call and drop it but otherwise ifyou decide on something and it’srelevant and it’s actionable and it hassome impact you would want to go aheadwith it with some level ofprioritization maybe you might have acouple of them as listed as one andnumber one and number twoeverything else will definitely still beimportant uh and will be should betreated with diligence and drag dozenand againi’m repeating this because it’s veryimportant we understand that nothingshould be dropped unlessit is you know very clearly understoodthat it has zero impact and that itcreates creating a drag on theefficiency of seconds otherwise priorityone priority two everything else can bepriority 3 for that

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