21 June 2022

False rocket sirens in Israel – Iran Suspected

On Sunday, June 19th, 2022, two major cities in Israel – Jerusalem and Eilat, heard rocket sirens for an hour, warning the city’s residents to take shelter during an imminent rocket attack from the sky. But it turned out that the sirens rung as a result of a cyberattack said The Israel National Cyber Directorate […]...

16 June 2022

Italian city shuts down systems due to ransomware attack

On June 3rd, 2022 Italian city, Palermo shuts down all systems to isolate and limit the dissemination of a sophisticated ransomware attack impacting over 4M people, including tourists. While the restoration of IT systems and public web portals is well underway, most services remain offline. The ransomware attack on the Italian city could possibly be […]...

15 June 2022

US Department of justice anticipates cyberattacks from Russia

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) gears up for incoming cyberattacks from Russia with the onset of geopolitical conflict between Ukraine and Russia. This alert of expected cyberattacks comes in as a retaliation against the economic sanctions imposed against Russia. The USA expects a rise in the influx of incoming cyberattacks targeting critical...

15 June 2022

Immediate cyberattack risk for google chrome users

Vulnerabilities in browsers are no new revelation, but watch out for this new vulnerability that can put your system and your virtual presence at significant risk of a cyberattack | This Google Chrome vulnerability puts its users under immediate risk of a cyber attack. Learn more from:...

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