GITEX 2021 key takeaway: OT and IoT cybersecurity is the need of the hour

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Sectrio showcased its OT and IoT security solutions and threat intelligence offerings at the event. Through meetings and discussions with cybersecurity leaders, we were able to get a pulse on cybersecurity priorities in the region.

As GITEX 2021, the most coveted and attended tech event in the Middle East region got over last week. We are sharing key insights from GITEX 2021 in this post.  

Why is OT and IoT cybersecurity the need of the hour?

  • Business leaders were interested in learning more about improving their cybersecurity posture at an enterprise level. 2 out of 3 leaders we spoke to indicated that they were planning to invest in network monitoring, Micro Segmentation, threat intelligence and vulnerability management solutions over the next 180-270 days
  • OT Threat Management has emerged as a key interest area for 2022. There is a mandate to implement necessary controls, and this is contributing significantly to this trend
  • Most of the attendees were concerned about the growing sophistication of cyberattacks. With hackers using AI and ML extensively, cyberattacks are now carried out with more automation and stealth  
  • Network monitoring solutions are becoming more integral to the overall business enablement infrastructure as new threats emerge due to the sudden increase in the threat surface area due to the convergence of IT-OT-IoT networks
  • IT and OT networks in manufacturing are no longer siloed. There is now a clear integration of OT networks with IT (particularly when it comes to sharing production data with ERP systems). Thus, there is a definite need for Network monitoring solutions to identify and address the unique threats that emerge from such a convergence and data sharing
  • With critical infrastructure, governments are increasing their investments in IoT. This has given rise to new use cases such as FOG trapping and monitoring and these need to be protected against targeted cyberattacks 
  • Cybersecurity leaders showed a more interest in contextual and region-specific threat intelligence. This is an area where many platforms were found wanting as they were unable to or did not provide regional and contextual threat intelligence  

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Naveen Hemanna
Naveen has been in the technology industry for over 13 years primarily working for product companies and helping customers to find solutions. With his experience of working with Telecom and Manufacturing companies, he has gained sufficient knowledge of how connectivity is shaping the industry and how well prepared they need to be from a Security standpoint. In his current role, he is responsible for revenue growth of Sectrio (A division of Subex) – The Digital Security arm of Sectrio in the EMEA region.

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