Five ways to profit from IoT and OT cybersecurity

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Yes, you have heard it right. IoT and OT  cybersecurity needn’t be a cost center for your organization. Investing in the right cybersecurity tools, strategies and relationships can deliver many benefits for your organization. Consider these advantages that cybersecurity delivers (derived from actual use cases that Subex was involved in):

  • New avenue for innovation: one of our customers in North America has started using a cybersecurity lab to identify and eliminate redundant processes thereby streamlining workflows for gaining efficiency
  • Staying afloat in testing times: yet another one of customers, a leading manufacturer, was able to remain operational and profitable while the competition was attacked using data gathered from an industry association. In industry segments where the margins are low, this can mean the difference between mere survival in the market and growth
  • Monetizing cybersecurity:  one of our customers has incorporated the higher level of service assurance delivered by them in one of their packages that are offered to overseas customers at a premium
  • Compliance cost savings: repeated studies have shown that investments in cybersecurity can help reduce legal compliance costs as also costs incurred in the recovery or paying damages to victims or even employees. Savings is earnings
  • Earn through insights: businesses that invest in cybersecurity also stand to turn into insight-driven enterprises as investing in cybersecurity without making adequate provisions for gathering, presenting and analyzing insights is simply impossible.

With increasing investments in IoT and OT deployments, cybersecurity has to get more attention and resource allocation. In addition, we also need to look at innovative ways to make cybersecurity measures pay for themselves.

In the post-pandemic world, cybersecurity will be one of the pillars of growth and customer trust. Don’t miss out on this chance to revisit your cybersecurity priorities.


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