Securing the
Enterprise Sector


based malware attacks could cause large scale disruption


based malware attacks could cause large scale disruption


manipulation, device hijacking, and eavesdropping are other potential outcomes


Ransomware and digital data theft

Lack of visibility into networks and system access

Compliance with diverse mandates

The rising sophistication of cyberattacks on enterprises

Existing vulnerabilities in systems and expansion of threat surface

Enterprises are having to deal with rising ransomware attacks. On the one hand, these attacks are locking enterprises out of data while on the other such data are leaked onto the Dark Web and other forums creating more opportunities for hackers to continue targeting them. This is impacting the credibility of businesses and affecting the wallet share of customers.

Enterprises are therefore losing, reputation, money, and data.

With enterprises investing extensively in digital transformation and automation projects an explosion of threat surfaces including cybersecurity blindspots in converged environments, untested devices and apps, and devices operating in unmonitored environments. Together these trends have contributed to significant degradation of the overall security posture of enterprises.

Outcomes associated with cyberattacks on Enterprises

Data theft and leakage of data on external forums
Revenue loss due to customer attrition as a result of loss of credibility
Loss of capital investments.

Conversion of IoT equipment into bots.

Rise in cyber insurance premiums.
Legal liabilities.

How can Sectrio help?

Sectrio has extensive experience in securing enterprises globally. This includes businesses running digital transformation projects, projects based on new and emerging tech such as the Internet of Things and Blockchain.

Sectrio’s offerings include products for securing IoT, OT, and converged environments.

Transforming Enterprise sector’s IoT and OT security

Detect and mitigate vulnerabilities early

Segment networks and digital assets

Protect critical assets and infrastructure

Detect and contain targeted threats

Discover assets and network activity.

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