Securing Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 in the Metaverse

Published: December 2022

Embracing Metaverse Risk-Free

As the sector takes its initial steps to embrace manufacturing in the Metaverse, the associated cyber risks are becoming more apparent and pronounced. Any form of enhancement of digital footprint brings with it an uncontrolled and often not-so-perceivable expansion of the threat surface.

This in turn exposes not just postural weaknesses but also security gaps at the application, interface, network, and device levels. Before manufacturers take a deeper dive into the world of Metaverse, they need to understand not just the cyber threats lurking out there but also the potential impacts
and ways to avoid them.

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      • Cybersecurity Use Cases for Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 in the Metaverse
      • Cybersecurity importance in the Metaverse
      • The threat of ransomware in Metaverse
      • Cybersecurity solutions for Metaverse

Download this eBook and adopt an ideal security posture to defend against cyber threats.


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