CISO’s Guide to Selecting the right cyber threat intelligence vendor

Published: January 2022

A good threat intelligence program can help improve your institutional cyber risk management measures significantly. At the heart of such a program lies quality cyber threat intelligence that is contextual, relevant, and addresses your unique businesses and security challenges.

What’s Inside CISO guide?

In the cyber threat intelligence handbook/buyers guide, we address some of the common questions that CISOs and cybersecurity leaders face when scouting for a threat intelligence feed/vendor. This threat intelligence guide has been put together by a team of cyber threat intelligence specialists with inputs from cybersecurity leaders from around the world.  

This Guide will help you:

  • Understand the context for cyber threat intelligence
  • Understand various criteria points for selecting a threat intelligence vendor
  • Learn how you can improve your ability to consume threat intelligence  
  • Derive the KPIs needed to measure the impact of CTI within your organization
  • Compare cyber threat intelligence vendors based on a scoring card  
  • Improve your institutional risk management profile and cybersecurity posture