Decoy and Deception

Engage, study and neutralize your adversary while securing your assets

A decoy and deception solution forms the core of your adversary engagement and neutralization strategy. It functions as an early warning system while engaging and deflecting threats including malware, scans and intrusion attempts

Key functionalities

Group 20929 - sectrio

Multi-tier and multi-tech decoy and deception solution

Group 20929 - sectrio

Engages bad actors and cyber adversaries by luring them into a multi-tier decoy environment that is hard to distinguish from your actual digital infrastructure

Group 20929 - sectrio

The decoy environment can be updated manually or on automated basis to reflect the latest tech environment

Group 20929 - sectrio

Built to fit into diverse tech environments across protocols, hosts, endpoints, networks, network configurations and other attributes

Group 20929 - sectrio

Wide range of post-detection options available

Group 20929 - sectrio

Once an active compromise is detected and validated, the movement, actions and latency attributes are studied and a comprehensive high-fidelity alert is generated. The threat actor or malware can then be studied from a safe distance while your real assets stay safe and secure

Group 20929 - sectrio

Strategically placed decoys ensure full coverage of your connected landscape without leaving any gaps for hackers to exploit


Asset discovery - sectrio

Comprehensive support for forensic action

Enables comprehensive post-intrusion activity and event analysis options with enhanced UI that facilitates decision making. 

Smart probing - sectrio

Detects and engages scans

Attempted reconnaissance activity triggers a counter response

Threat hunting - sectrio

Higher degree of mimicry

Edgetech appliances perform active threat hunting within the deployed network. The Edgetech uses Sectrio’s proprietary deep packet inspection technology coupled with protocol decoders to apply unique signatures and heuristics on packet headers and payloads.

Micro segmentation svg - sectrio

Rapid and custom deployment

The solution can deploy easily and integrate with your IT environment

Smart workflows - sectrio

Custom dashboards and UI

Configuration of data and control dashboards can be done in a jiffy to create insightful and decision-enabling dashboards; it provides real-time updates on threat behavior and offers multiple customizable actions .

Stealth capabilities

Low noise

Generates minimal false positives to reduce the burden on your SOC teams

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