Cyberattacks grew 26% on India’s IoT deployments

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India has been attracting complex cyberattacks for a while now. Hackers are using a mix of complex malware, social engineering and hit and run tactics to target various facilities and IoT deployments here. In the last quarter alone, cyberattacks on the country registered a 26 percent increase and some unique samples of malware were isolated by our threat research team.

Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore were the most attacked cities and hackers are looking at monetizing attacks while creating large scale disruption. They are also working to overload defense mechanisms in order to prevent early detection and mitigation of these attacks.

The IoT Security Report for India for the third quarter (July-September) of the calendar year 2019, highlights the continuing attention that hackers are paying to IoT and OT installations in India. The report notes attacks, attack techniques, sectors drawing attacks and the various types of malware used to attack smart cities, defense projects, manufacturing entities, retailers and other entities using IoT or OT in the country. Download this report to find out how the threat environment in the country is evolving.

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