Cyber risks: espionage mercenaries, ICS threats and stealthy IoT botnets in the cloud

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Cyber mercenaries are targeting industrial control systems (ICS) and IoT deployments like never before. Threat actors are now shifting significant resources to exploit emerging network edge environments. Securing these new environments, including new technologies and converging systems, is more challenging than it may seem.

Ransomware continues to evolve. In 2019, ransomware developers implemented a new strategy to counteract the decision of many organizations to not pay a ransom choosing instead to restore compromised systems on their own.

Now cybercriminals, in addition to encrypting data and systems also post that data on public servers. They then not only demand a ransom but also threaten to publicly release valuable IP and sensitive information if their ransom demands are ignored.

Such changing strategies indicate a high level of investment in studying and investigating not just the cybersecurity systems and responses, but also the organizational motivations that drive decision making.

Subex’s threat researchers have found that ICS are increasingly gathering attention from cyber threat actors.

Cloud iot security solutions

Given the nature of these threats, it becomes imperative to talk to an IoT, OT and cyber deception partner to help you keep these threats at bay. Subex Secure is securing some of the toughest to secure businesses that are using IoT and critical infrastructure across 3 continents.

Nat will be glad to help in case you wish to learn more. You can drop her a line here.

We also encourage you to read our Threat Landscape Report for Q2 2020 here

Prayukth K V has been actively involved in productizing and promoting cross eco-system collaboration in the emerging tech and cybersecurity domains for over a decade. A marketer by profession and a published author, he has also proposed and promoted critical infrastructure protection strategies that rely on in-depth threat research and deflection strategies to deceive hackers and malware. Having been at the frontlines of cyber securing infrastructure, Prayukth has seen cyberattacks and defense tactics at close quarters.

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